[Marxism] Moderator's note

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 28 15:18:13 MST 2006

	As everyone I guess knows, I am very often in agreement with Nestor
and have been very critical of Carlos Petroni and his current. And I'm
involved in covering Latin American news professionally, have been for
decades, and do tend to follow what's going on in Latin America closely and
with interest. Louis mentioned the Juan Carlos Coral tour in the mid-1970's,
but a big part of that tour was simply keeping JCC out of harm's way, for
which purpose outside public meetings he was in disguise and you would not
have recognized him. And I was his escort/interpreter who was with him 24X7
... I forget if for the whole tour or just part of it. And in other
interpreting duties I also got to know Moreno and other leaders of that
current, which I thought very highly of then being part of various faction
meetings and private discussions between the central people in the SWP's
international work and leaders of what I think at that point was called the

	So like Louis, I'm perhaps one of the better-situated people outside
of Argentina in terms of being able to follow this imbroglio. But
--frankly-- I've found the latest rounds on Argentine left history to be not
just relatively inaccessible, but also --please Nestor and Carlos, take no
offense-- not very interesting. I understand that the politics of this are
quite important, but this isn't a productive way for them to be discussed on
this sort of list.  


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