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Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 28 18:31:24 MST 2006

Oh, well. As I said before.  I'm more than willing to drop the entire thing.

And i did until being probed again.

Nobody can claim to know the politics of a country without knowing the nuances,
turns, details and main developments. In that I'm with Lenin who said a real revo
lutionary Marxists would become an "expert" in the country he/she is discussing.

Besides, talk is cheap.  Anyone could, as Nestor demonstrated, talk in generalities about everything.  The question is when you focus on the specifics of the class struggle, then all the talks collapse.

At the very end, the bottom line of politics, is not as complex as they would
like you to believe.

You are either with the death squads against the left, or for them. Or, yes,
you may be an apologist for them. And say somehow the left deserved what
it happened.

You are either with the students or with cops when things came to that.
Or, of course, you would try to explain why the students are wrong and
somehow deserved what they got.

This "third" position is called in Argentina the "theory of two demons."

Sure, the death squads, the cops, the militqary acted very badly.  But they
were provoked. You see, both sides were wrong.

This theory had been largely discredited in Argentina.  Most activists and
people to the right of Menem would admit that there is a difference, an
ocean of difference, between ultraleftists-reformists (that what the 
guerrillas were) and state terror.

But, again, this is settled where it counts.  I will be traveling the next couple
of weeks.  I would post something after that.

Happy new year!

And you would side with your friend, knowing he is dead wrong, but it is
your friend.  It has little to do with politics, but, then, friendships are
frienships, right?

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