[Marxism] Troubled Waters in Nepal (Granma)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Fri Dec 29 03:35:37 MST 2006

> Very peculiarly, the article refers to the Nepali insurgents as "rebels",
> but never identifies them as maoists or even as "communists".  Reading the
> article, one would never know the political orientation of the "rebels".
> I wonder why the Cuban official press will report on Nepal in this very
> odd
> way.

Not sooooo surprising, since China is Cuba's closests ally outside the Americas. Afterall China supported the royal regime almost until the last moment. Thus the Chinese press never calls the CPN(Maoist) by its proper name, but until recently refered to them as "rebels". Now they changed it to "Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) (formerly known as guerilla)", carefully omitting the M-word. All other parties are called by their propper names. See e.g.

So the PL article both a piece of poor journalism and reflection of Cuban foreign policy considerations.

I understand that Cuba does not want to antogonize China, but PL articles about Nepal are pratically useless if you do not know what is going on there anyway. Comrades who are interested in what is going on in Nepal should check out the mainstream (bourgeois) English language websites from Nepal:
or the blog of Nepali journalist Dinesh Wagle
or the academic site

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