[Marxism] Troubled Waters in Nepal (Granma)

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 29 04:15:36 MST 2006

I've no idea why the Cuban media has used some of the
terms which you have questioned. I cannot recall seeing
the Cuban media use the term "Maoist" to describe these
or other such combatants previously The same author has
written about Nepal in the past and below are links to two
previous articles by him on Nepal as well. I found an item
on Nepal by Tariq Ali which was reproduced on CubaNow's
website, an English-language site which often reposts lots
of material for an English-speaking international audience.

A Google search of Granma revealed a considerable amount
of coverage in Spanish. Perhaps we can get a few more of
them as the topic is of growing interest right now. There's
a good deal of coverage on Nepal as well in such sources
as Workers World and Socialism and Liberation. The latter
has a very long analytical item on Nepal in the January 
2007 issue. It wasn't online when I last looked, but it's
going to be soon, undoubtedly. GreenLeft probably has
materials as well since they're closer to the action.

The Cuban press tries to cover the world as best as it can.

November 17, 2005
Inferno in an earthly paradise
musa.amp at granma.cip.cu    

Granma Daily
June 27, 2005

By Arnaldo Musa

Tariq Ali: This is No Rah-Rah Revolt

Hope these are somewhat helpful,

Walter Lippmann,
Los Angeles, California

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