[Marxism] My final on Arg, 1975 [Not an answer to any kitchen fly]

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 29 09:23:10 MST 2006

Nestor wrote:
>What I show there is that this "Leftist" decission _not to debate_
>the impact of adventurerism, anarchism, Foquismo and economist basism
>in the Argentinean politics of the 70s by the ugly method of
>systematically throwing on the table, once and again, the suffering
>and death of those who followed those ideas has its right-wing
>counterpart in those who don't accept the debate over torture,
>disappearances, neoliberalism, TINA, impotence and betrayal in
>Malvinas, and also throw on the table the victims of "their own
>side". In the end, both positions coincide -as it could not be
>otherwise- with the theory of the "Two Devils" exposed by Raúl

The above comment is why I found this debate so 
confusing and so frustrating. Although I have 
many problems with the Morenoites, the idea that 
they are not willing to debate the impact of 
foquismo runs counter to my own experience with 
them. In 1975, the American SWP blocked with the 
Morenoites because we were both opposed to urban 
guerrilla warfare. The Argentine Trotskyist 
movement had split over this very question, with 
Ernest Mandel supporting the "Combatiente" 
faction that was into hijacking trucks, etc. We 
supported Moreno (can't remember the nickname of 
his faction) because he seemed to support mass action.

The other problem, Nestor, is that your 
intervention around these questions--like 
Carlos's--assumes a deeper understanding of 
Argentine politics that I imagine even Argentines 
lack, let alone Marxmailers who are spread across 
the planet. When you refer to the theory of the 
"Two Devils" exposed by Alfonsin, I don't have 
the foggiest idea what you are talking about. I 
imagine that it is important, but unless you take 
the time to explain it, it is utterly obscure.

The impression that you and Carlos gave was of 
two characters who could give less of a shit 
whether anybody else understood what you were 
talking about. I wish that in the future you 
would respect this forum a bit more and strive for clarity. 

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