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Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 29 09:34:43 MST 2006

Walter: “If 34% say that they are NOW ready to vote for a Muslim to be President of these United States of America, it may be a sign that things are getting better, not worse. Would we have read of such a large number as 34% five or ten years ago? I think probably not.”
It is surprising that Walter argues in previous posts that Americans are highly intolerant of atheism. But the figures he quotes seem to defy his previous statements.
It is my observation that in multi-religious societies, there is more tolerance and a spirit of accommodation with respect to other religions for the people belonging to the majority religion. Take the case of Malaysia, with people of Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Buddhist faiths living together. Or for that matter, Indonesia or India (while we can not gloss over some incidents of terrorist acts by extremist elements), are not breaking apart. In fact, India had three Muslims as Presidents. Right now, Dr Abdul Kalam, the incumbent president is a highly respected Missile scientist, who had indegeniously built india’s missile capability and helped develop Indian space research effort. He is not looked up only as a Muslim. Many Muslims and Christians hold important ministerial position in the Central as well as state governments here. And the important fact is that they are not usually identified on the basis of their faith, but on their political affiliation.
I do not think people in US will be different. US today is a multi religious society and leaving aside a small section of vocal religious zalots, a majority of the people would prefer tolerance to animosity.
Vijaya Kumar Marla
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