[Marxism] Two clarifications

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Fri Dec 29 09:44:39 MST 2006

Just for clarification, since the last thing I would want to do is to 
disrispect Marxmail, and Lou knows I am meaning what I am writing.

1) The "Two Devils" thesis, advanced by Raúl Alfonsín, summed up the 
experience of violence in Argentina by the struggle between two 
equally evil forces, the "guerrilla", and the "military". The mass of 
the population had had nothing to do with these two outlandish 
encarnations of Satan, and had to stoically suffer through them.

2) Willingness to debate what happened in Arg during the 1970s is 
guaranteed among the "Left", provided you never tell them that they 
might have been an operating lever of counterrevolution, that the 
Isabel Perón government had to be supported even though it was what 
it actually was, and that perhaps a good deal of (at least) the 
"cadre" of the "Peronist "Left"" were hardly Peronists, at least in 
the sense Perón himself believed a Peronist should be. Not to speak 
of challenging the "revolutionarism" of ERP, etc. In Arg, at least, 
and by that I mean any Arg political forum interested in generating 
political ideas in spite of self-patting on the shoulder and sighing 
with sad eyes cast on "how much we suffered", is still a wonderful 
way to get the worst kinds of lambast. Some people are worse, in 
their adventurerist rage, than others. But most find such a 
reasonable almost insulting. And by "most" I include some very close 
personal friends, and even close political allies of mine, people who 
unmistakably belong to the camp of revolution and not of counter-

Don't know if this e-mail clarifies the dark points in my previous 
posting and the countering experience of Lou with some people from 
the "Left" in 1975. If he prefers, I can go on privately.

Best to all,

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