[Marxism] My final on Arg, 1975 [Not an answer to any kitchen fly]

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Fri Dec 29 11:51:30 MST 2006

The whole thing is ridiculous. I also closely followed the whole "Argentine
debate" back from 1972 onward. It as a debate between the PRT (Combatiente) and
their international supporters in the USec (IMT) and the PRT (La Verdad), Moreno
and his international supporters in the USec (LTT, then LTF).

I remember the Corral tour, I remember Linda Jenness flying to Argentina and
being greeted by 2500 cheering members of the PRT and PSA. All very inspiring.
Some of this stuff can be read about here:
and, there are other similar indexes available for related subjects in this

And, of course, everyone in this debate more or less condemned the positions
defended by Nestor, since his current, whatever it was 35 years ago, wasn't a
player IN that debate itself.

My own view is that the "Nestor/Carlos" debate can't be carried out on this
list, or on the internet, at least not anyone's liking here, including me, thus
my proposal to share a hot tub together and a bottle of Malbec, which,
obviously, was ignored.

I think Carlos was being polemically excessive in his "either with us or against
us" thing, I don't think he was actually accusing Nestor of being on the side of
devil, but you've all seen what is the lighter side of Argentine politics. Often
it is not words that get tossed around, or so Argentine friends of mine like to
point out. I hope Carlos does come back because no one, and I mean no one, has
stood up to Nestor's point of view on this list vis-a-vis Argentine politics
specifically or Latin American politics in general, everyone sort of just
differed to him. That a counter-poised political position to Nestor has be
*extremely* healthy for people here and generally. It's been a good thing even
when expressed polemically. I hope Carlos is able to come back soon.

David Walters

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