[Marxism] Redrawing the Middle East

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Fri Dec 29 14:12:35 MST 2006

When this came out some months ago (I saw it in my paper version of AFJ) I
laughed my head off. This kind of stuff floats around the think tanks
associated with the Pentagon on a *daily basis*. The idea that Pakistan would
cede territory to the barely-a-nation Afghanistan is absurd. Or that Syria
would cut itself off from the Med. sea and that even Lebanon would want the
territory. This is *fantasy* and fantasy of one person, and one person alone, R
Peters, who draw these maps. Some in the Arab world took this seriously and
started polemicizing against it. I wouldn't waste my time.

Really amusing is his 'hit' on the Saudi family's treatment of Medina and Mecca,
as if they do treat it as their personal backyard, which, is not the case
actually (if they did, Shia Muslims would be barred) although they are subject
to anti-Shia propaganda, proportionally as many Shia come to Mecca this week
[the week of the Hajj] in proportion to Sunni or other Muslims). It's a lot
more amusing to make fun of this piece than to take it seriously.


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