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Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 31 09:34:56 MST 2006

The cover of the Jan-Feb 2007 ISR has a big headline, "Cuba: Image and Reality," superimposed on a picture of an apartment building with Che's portrait. Inside is an article by the same name followed by the article "Race and sex in Cuba."
If you've been reading the ISR on Cuba you won't find much new, but it's important to note this editorial decision. Judging by the opening of the article, it's a response to a PLS magazine article hailing Cuba, but that wouldn't explain -- or excuse -- the prominence given to it.
If you believe, like the ISO, that the only way to successfully defend the revolution is to overthrow the regime while combatting imperialist attacks against it, then one could understand why they feel the need to raise this all again, and to do so now. But if, on the other hand, you believe -- as I do -- that the regime must be defended, and that pro-working class reforms must be sharply counterposed to pro-imperialist moves toward the market and for bourgeois democratic forms, then the ISO is playing with fire.
They say, toward the end, "working class discontent is likely to grow in Cuba as a result of the way in which workers in Cuba have borne the brunt of the country's economic devasation. To the extent that all resistance is denounced as Miami-inspired, and to the extent to which the Left in the US accepts that logic, there will be no space for that resistance to combine opposition to exploitation at home with opposition to US imperialism abroad."
This seems particularly naive at a time when the dividing line in coming years is clearly going to be between defense of the revolution and promotion of counterrevolution by US agents.
Oh, and by the way: the punch line of the article on race and sex in Cuba is that oppression in those spheres still exists because "exploitation" (i.e. the domination over the working class) still exists.
This issue of the ISR is not yet online, but I can send pdfs of the articles to anyone who'd like them.

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