[Marxism] sundry cultural stuff

Jacob Levich jlevich at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 31 20:51:56 MST 2006

It's a great, seminal work of literature that's worth looking up. But 
somehow the Times always manages to get things at least slightly wrong --  
wrong enough in this case that anyone wanting to find the source would be 
frustrated. The song was inspired by Nezami's _Layla and Majnun_ -- an 
800-year old _Persian_ romance based on a much older Arab folktale. I 
imagine Clapton came across it because Sufi mysticism was briefly in vogue 
during the 1960s.

The song "I Am Yours" on the same album, an excerpt from the longer poem, is 
actually credited to Nezami.


> It says: "Released in 1970, the album - and its soaring, anthemic title
> song, still an overplayed staple on classic rock radio - takes its name
> from an 800-year-old Bedouin poem about unrequited love: 'the
> equivalent of Romeo and Juliet,' Reid writes."
> I'd never heard that this is where the name came from, and more
> importantly, had never heard of the original poem. (The review doesn't
> say how Clapton or his colleagues heard of it.)

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