[Marxism] 'Counterpunch' not helping much (cartoons)

Mehmet Cagatay mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 8 12:02:53 MST 2006

The article says:

"As a leftist I thought that our goal was liberation through thorough and
robust debate and confronting irrational ideas and superstition in
particular? This means that if someone is offended because we say that the
world is round then too bad. The truth hurts. If we are constantly weary
of offending, then truth, yes I believe in such a thing, will never over
come the backward state of affairs today that allows gays to be treated
like second class citizens, intelligent design to be taught in schools and
people in the US and Britain to believe that the war in Iraq is being
prosecuted for humanitarian ends."
The truth hurts?

Let us say I am an experienced three cushion billard player like Blomdahl,
Jaspers, Sayginer, etc. One of my friend was keen on playing with me but
we started to play I noticed that he was totaly a beginner and it was
impossible for him to make a single point with his style of handling the
cue (bridge), of positioning his body, with his ignorance of what kind of
English must be used in different positions, of diamond systems, etc.
which are very easy for me because I have practiced and witness their
posive ends countless times. So, What should I do?

1- Should I respect his style of play and recognize his play as it is?
2- Should I insult him for by deriding his ignorance about the game?
3- Should I try to encourage him to practice the accurate style by showing
him its positive outcomes and convince him to my more developed style of

Mehmet Çagatay

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