[Marxism] A Question

Mehmet Cagatay mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 8 14:27:58 MST 2006

"the reason I always write Judaeo- Christian- Islamic (rather than the
more common Judaeo- Christian) is simply to stress the commonality of our 

James, I am partakin in your oppinion about that religions have some
common qualites as Marx said,
"...different snake skins cast off by history, and that man is the snake
who sloughed them."

I know that not only "value" but also most of Marx's concepts are "like
bats: one can see in them both birds and mice." 

In the ethical question, I am not ethical, but if we need an ultimate
value, or a common 'Ground' to make value judgements I think it is our
relation with nature, private property which rests on our own labor (the
essential quality of species-being). 

So, employment of the labor of others, the anti-thesis of my own private
property, is the unessential aspect of our spices-being, so it should be
regarded as unethical in so far as we locate the ethics on a material
ground, or ethics is regarded as a material relation between man to man.

I am looking forward for your contributions


Mehmet Çagatay

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