[Marxism] The Granma Editorial and Bolivia

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 12 21:58:43 MST 2006

JB pretends to offer practical, concrete insights into the significance,
the overwhelming significance of  "national salvation" in Bolivia and
Latin America as a whole-- treating us the the shame and cowardice of
the Mexican government, the Mexican bourgeoisie in standing up to  US
imperialism's high handed treatment of the Cuban delegation; telling us
how imperialism ignores, subverts, destroys the sovereign, and
supposedly practical, constitution of a sovereign country-- and JB does
all these things without once examining the origin  of the adherence of
the Mexican bourgeoisie to US capitalism; the origin of the highly
ambiguous and meaningless words of the Bolivian constitution in the
actual defeats of social, proletarian, revolution, by those national
salvation fronts of the past.

And because he doesn't, can't , won't deal with the interruption and
defeat of the revolution in Mexico, with defeat of the proletarian
revolution in Bolivia by and at the bequest of the MNR, all JB really
does is to pretend that he is offering something new, something
distinct, something different than the same old, same old wishing and
hoping for  "independence" separate and apart from class struggle,
social, and socialist, revolution.

It's faux Marxism, faux erudition that pretends that  recognizing the
essential impotence of a constitution that speaks about national or
social ownership of resources but protects private property is

If just once the national salvationists would deal with the collapse of
the MNR, the defeat of the Bolivian national revolution, its attempts at
land reforms, and examine the relationship of that  collapse to the
internal contradictions of class and property within Bolivia, within the
MNR, within the demands for private property against the needs of
social, workers, power, maybe their analysis might become something more
than patriotic appeals  for and to the  little bourgeoisie that
couldn't.... and can't.


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