[Marxism] selling papers qnd cults.

srcsra at scu.edu.au srcsra at scu.edu.au
Mon Feb 13 17:25:07 MST 2006

Ggregray at aol.com:

>To protect the readers of this site let me save Dave Riley and the 
>other DSP loyalists the trouble of sending in their outraged posts I 
>am obviously wrong here the SA is really a very healthy organisation 
>the hope of the working class with massive support amongst militant 
>unionists and every time it wins  somewhere around 1 to 2% of the 
>vote in an election it's a world historical event just this side of 
>storming the Winter Palace in significance<

I obviously can't help myself, Borg-like loayalist that I am (and how 
terribly shocking it is to be loyal to some collective enterprise, we 
are all free-floating autonomous individuals after all). But with 
such brilliant ironic wit, (and so conducive to a clarifying 
discussion), I'm floored, there's no comeback. I might just make one 
pertinent point I've made before to Bob Gould, another Australian 
ex-Healyite who's now a born-again fundamentalist anti-"Zinovievist": 
just because you were politically foolish enough to join and stay 
involved in a looney cult that accused all other left tendencies of 
being in the pay of various secret services, when it wasn't bashing 
people with crow-bars, not to mention minor stupidities like a small 
group having a twice weekly paper and making paper selling a 
compulsory condition of membership, don't assume all socialist 
groups, just because they sell newspapers, are cult-like.

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