[Marxism] Re: Re Are the Cliffites a cult

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Mon Feb 13 19:26:02 MST 2006

Mark L:

>On a busy street corner or during shift changes, you weren't
supposed to get sidetracked into discussing politics with people 
because it interfered with the chance to sell more papers.  Anytime I 
ever petitioned (Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, California, 
Texas,etc.), the plan was not to get signatures and not be 
sidetracked into discussing politics. 

Even at the time, this seemed to me to miss the point<.

I couldn't agree more. One DSP person when discussing this sort of 
thing liked to adapt the National Rifle Association motto: "Papers 
don't recruit people, people do".

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