[Marxism] Catapulting oneself out

Wayne S. Rossi felianan at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 18 09:51:15 MST 2006

--- Nestor Gorojovsky <nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar> wrote:

> On COB's leadership:
> > How can these people be so foolish and catapult themselves out of
> > the political struggle? 
> Maybe they were catapulted out of the political struggle by the 
> elections?  And maybe they don't find a way to catapult themselves 
> _in_, save on the enemy's side?

I don't think so; the COB position - demanding that the centrist forces
make good on their reforms - is perfectly in line with the transitional
method.  You either force the centrists to reveal their political
weakness and unwillingness to make the necessary steps, or you achieve
your goal in the first place.  It's precisely what revolutionaries in
the minority despite a revolutionary ferment ought to do.

The discourse on this list from the pro-Morales side has really sunk
into a political swamp wherein elections in and of themselves
apparently completely validate any movement.  That's outside of the
Marxist perspective of analysis, which asks how the government relates
to class forces - and the COB is one such force, indeed larger than the
MAS is.  Morales has a very sketchy history with relation to the
working class movement in Bolivia, and there is no reason to assume
that his words, however fine, will be backed by equally fine actions. 
The real betrayal from COB's stance would be to capitulate to the
Morales leadership and not continue to push for the original goals that
brought Morales to power in the first place.

The revolutionary situation in Bolivia cannot be approached from a
simple Manichaean point of view; there is simply not one camp which is
representative of the working class as a whole.  And it is the radical
camp in Bolivia, not the Morales leadership, which is capable of
ensuring that the peoples' demands are realized - by pressuring the
Morales government to go through with its promises, and building a
popular opposition in the very possible case that it fails to do so.

But, you're free to sit and encourage capitulation to the centrist
leadership all you want; after all, it worked so well in the case of
Brazil, as Walter L. can attest.


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