Fw: [Marxism] Fw: Third World Liberation

Josh Saxe joshsaxe at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 16:19:07 MST 2006

I thought your response to the professor was good.  He does raise, of
course, a very important problem though.  The most exploited and
radicalized sector of the world proletariat (and peasantry for that
matter) lives in the periphery, the Third World.  And yet a socialism
in one country in the Third World will be built on the scraps the West
has left these countries after centuries of looting.  And upon the
wreckage left by imperialist backed counterrevolution.
Lenin's writings on this were interesting.  He saw the Russian
revolution as a detonator for the Western European socialist
revolution which would then in turn help bring Russia into the 20th
century.  Broadly I think that model is still a very important one. 
It's most likely, but not certain, that the next revolutionary
breakthroughs will happen in the poor countries.  But any permanent
project of "building socialism" in these countries will produce a
socialism based on poverty and scarcity-with the "loot" left in the
hands of the West- and soon bureaucraticization will have an impact on
the politics of that revolution.  The Third World revolution in that
case will have to be a kind of detonator for the First World
revolution, which will in turn have to begin to massively repay the
debt of the "core" countries to the "peripheral" countries in the form
of skilled workers, goods and materials, etc.
Don't know if that's the kind of response you were looking for.


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