[Marxism] Cuba?

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Based on my limited personal contact with several women in Cuba, and
based on their anecdotal evidence, the descripton of Cuba as "hell" for
women is 180 degrees out of phase with the reality. Those women spoke to
me of how safe they feel.  Several used the same phrase to describe
their feelings, " I  know no man will ever touch me without my

Interesting personal anecdote:  Returning from Havana on a Cubana
flight, several men from the Bahamas were giving the female flight
attendant a difficult time prior to take off.  One man made the mistake
of putting his hands on this woman to emphasis his point.   She told him
cold as ice in both English and Spanish that he had made a serious
mistake, marched off and returned with the police (think the interior
police handle Jose Marti airport), who took the entire group off the
plane without discussion.

Said the Cuban man sitting next to me "You want to get fucked up in
Cuba?  Just try grabbing a flight attendant on a plane and you'll get
more fucked up than you can imagine."

Anecdotal only, as previously stated.

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