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               PRESS STATEMENT
   Only a few days ahead of his visit, the threatening
 statement of US President George W Bush on Wednesday
 that India will have to separate its civilian and
 military nuclear  programmes and bring them under
 International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards,
 conclusively proves that because of our government's
 improvidence and lack of  circumspection, the
 tentacles of American hegemonism have been allowed to
 tighten their grip on us.
    According to the reasons cited by our government,
 while voting  against Iran at the dictates of US, it
 was the consideration of national interest, especially
 the access to long-denied nuclear energy facilities of
 the West, which motivated its decision.The outcome is
 now dangerous. The historic bonds with Iran were
 jeopardised because we wanted  the fruitful
 consequences from the July Indo-US inconclusive
 nuclear deal.Now with this deal too being imperilled  
 by the shrewd Americans, India has lost both fronts.
     Keeping in view the entire gamut of national,
 regional and international realities, it is still not
 too  late for our country to seek its emancipation
 from the pernicious clutches of the US , otherwise the
 country will be placed on the verge of being regressed
 to 14th of August, 1947 - though its shape and
 terminology may be different but the essence of the
 slavery will be the same.
 Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
                LL.M.( Alig.)
                LL.D. (Lucknow)
 Former President, All India Muslim Forum
 Presently, Dean, Faculty of Law and Shariah
 Zanzibar University, Tanzania
 Mobile: 00255-777-420360 

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