[Marxism] Iran in The New Yorker

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 27 20:18:08 MST 2006

In the current New Yorker is a piece on Iranian expatriates, but not online and I'm
  just starting it. However what IS online is a 1978 piece by Joseph Kraft which says
  volumes about the US and its media:
  In the first couple pages Kraft recounts an interview (sic) with the Shah, the whole of 
  which is devoted to Kraft trying to buck up His Majesty's spirits in the face of growing 
  Then he moves on to an interview (sic again) with Shariatmadari in Qom in which he 
  spends the whole time browbeating him: "but didn't the Shah do this" and "isn't your 
  country richer" and blah blah puke.
  I vaguely remembered Kraft's name, and a google turns up a Post retrospective on
  Congressional hearings during the OPEC boycott: 
  in which Kraft is mentioned: "With oil supplies from the Organization of Petroleum 
  Exporting Countries cartel in jeopardy, Joseph Kraft, in The Washington Post, 
  suggests applying pressure to two countries that might work on behalf of the United 
  States. 'The obvious candidates are Venezuela and Iran, two producing countries 
  outside the Arab world,' Kraft writes. 'Because both are friendly to the West and need 
  oil revenues immediately for economic development, they are sensitive to the policies 
  of the United States and its allies.'"
  No wonder he was so upset when his dear pal was about to be dethroned.
  And they wonder why they hate us...

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