[Marxism] On Joseph Weydemeyer's rank....

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Feb 28 15:35:10 MST 2006

Charles wrote that Weydemeyer was "one rank below Grant."

I responded that he was not and gave a history of this rank based on the
Civil War database, run by professional scholars based on official
military records.  I also checked the official enlistment records
directly at the State of Missouri's website.

Charles replied that it all "depends on whether he was a Major General
or not. Grant was a Lieutenant General (three stars). I got the claim
that Weydemeyer was a Major General from mes Jackson in a pamphlet 'Karl
Marx and the United States' (International 1983)" 

My response:  This information doesn't jibe with Weydemeyer's military
service record.  But, is it makes you feel good to believe it, why not
make him vice president?

Not only am I not your research assistant, but I spend the time to
supply some solid information to no avail.


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