Re: [Marxism] Perú:aquestion and a rash proposition

Paul H. Dillon illonph at
Sun Jan 1 06:30:22 MST 2006

Juan wrote:

"Despite a presence around Huancayo, the departmental capital of Junin,
up the Rimac river from Lima, and most notably in its university, the
senderistas seem to always have had a tough time in Junin and Pasco. "

This is correct and the UNC students always tended to support MRTA, at least 
while I lived in Huancayo 1984-1986.  Nevertheless, SL's favorite tactic - 
blowing up the electrical transmission towers from the Mantaro hydroelectric 
facility - was often planned by ex-students who had studied electrical 
engineering at UNC.

BTW, you get to Huancayo from LIma by going up the Rimac, but Huancayo 
itself is nowhere near the Rimac (about 80 miles from Ticllo and the 
headwaters of the Rimac).  It is on the Mantaro river.

Paul Dillon

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