[Marxism] Mercosur and working classes

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Nestor's comments have the virtue, at least, of recognizing that the
"common market" or continental integration advocated by certain labor
unions and workers' groups in Latin America has little to do with the
Mercosur with a capital M as it exists and functions, or doesn't, today
(or tomorrow).

JB has made several assertions regarding Mercosur, and actions of
Brazil's government in opposing and blocking the domination of the less
developed countries by the advanced capitalist countries.

These assertions have no basis in fact, and, like JB's concepts of
"revolutionary nationalism"  represent wishes rather  than horses;
fantasy not actuality.

An even cursory study of the Mercosur countries would show how little
integration has been achieved, can be achieved within its framework; how
secondary intra-Mercosur trade is to trade with the advanced countries;
how important continued and increased penetration of the Brazilian and
Argentinian economies is to the growth of each-- how in fact there
really isn't a Mercosur at all-- there's Brazil and Argentina-- there's
a Brazilian bourgeoisie and an Argentinian bourgeoisie who haven't been
very successful at resolving, eliminating trade disputes between them.

The class struggle in Latin America is just that a class, social,
struggle.  It is in no way shape or form, economism in that, at origin
and development, it is a struggle for the reorganization, the
reconstruction of the terms of property and labor.  That struggle is
what gives it its "uncontainable"  "revolutionary" and supra-national

We should recognize and applaud that explicit class content, rather than
try to cram the struggle into a box that is 200 years old and
constructed on the failure of a class that counts such failure as its
greatest success.

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