[Marxism] Zapatistas vs PRF in Mexico?

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Sun Jan 1 19:12:34 MST 2006

David WRITES, "The above referenced article on the CNN web site..."

... is actually an AP wire service story. CNN's web site rarely has
original CNN reporting any more, the web site staff was savaged at the
time of the AOL merger. BTW, on CNN's own web stories, NEVER believe the
dateline. What I hear from friends at "the world's most important news
source" --I think that was the slogan-- is that the *claim* from
management is that "readers understand" that the dateline means that's
where the information originates, and the chiefs also claim that what
used to be called among us hacks "faking then dateline" is the usual
practice on wire services also. 

Whereas at the NY Times, putting a "Hoboken" dateline when you were
actually in Jersey City will get you fired.


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