[Marxism] Recommended readings

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Jan 2 09:53:43 MST 2006

Certainly, Nietzsche sought to convey sensibilities through literary
technique and mood rather than the structure of argument.  These may be
no less true, but not accessible in other ways.  It's like the arguments
about science and social science.  There is no way to get at social
realities through science...so we either use what techniques we can or
abandon any hope for understanding of those subjects.  So, too, with
Nietzsche's attempt to convey, for example, the reality of human
individuality in an alienating hostile world.

With all respect to Georg Lukacs (and many others) Friedrich Nietzsche
has always had a decent following on the Left...and not the more "petty
bourgeois" or marginal parts of the Left, either.  Nietzsche has been
particularly popular among anarchists and socialists or communists
friendly to anarchists.  

Mark L.

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