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January 2, 2006

Note from the Editor:  No New Year's edition would be complete without
our Infamous Predictions™ -- a collection of mostly irreverent, sometimes
silly, often wishful-thinking forecasts for the year ahead, contributed --
  under the present circumstances -- by anonymous sources! 2006 promises
much news fodder, with more US political scandals, investigations,
allegations, Constitutional battles, and, one hopes, accountability for
those who hold themselves above the law. We'll see which of our
predictions come to pass...

All silliness aside, one far-reaching concern for the future is the
growth of fundamentalism and extremism world-wide -- Milo Clark takes a
deep breath over the matter, and may we not asphyxiate, as he concludes.
To witness a crime is to witness something that requires our action;
Michael Doliner correlates our somnambulant culture to that which turned
a blind eye on racial injustice in South Africa. Compare the consequences
of World War II and Iraq War II as Philip Greenspan does, and see who the
winners and the losers are; and, frightening thought, Milo Clark predicts
more scorched-earth tactics ahead, at an intensity heretofore not seen.

What better way to start the year then, but with Charles Marowitz's
review of "Tête-à-Tête," by Hazel Rowley, on the greatest oeuvres created
by Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir; a poem by Gerard Donnelly
Smith that would have resonated with that grand couple; a short story
about regaining self, by Joe Davison; and a bit of humor about the so-
called liberal media bias, by Ben Mack. Finally, our editor's blips, from
the "not in my backyard" uproar over America's pervasive and
indiscriminate spying; to money spent, earned, and donated; torturing Mr.
Bush with culture; to some news from rainy Boonville, and more. We close
with your letters, including the predictable frenzy over the review of
Michael Neumann's "The Case Against Israel"; one name rarely mentioned as
US presidential contender; and Swans anti-free speech policies (!!!).

Wishing the world peace and sanity in 2006!


Here are the links to all the pieces:

2006 Infamous Predictions(TM)

Holding Breath - by Milo Clark

The Shamefulness Of That Shamelessness - by Michael Doliner

The Bottom Line on <strike>Two</strike> Too Long War
  - by Philip Greenspan

Predicting A Republican Sweepstake - by Milo Clark

Tête-à-Tête - Book Review by Charles Marowitz

Whether You Sing Along Or Not
  - Poem by Gerard Donnelly Smith

Battling The Demons - Short Story by Joe Davison

Understanding The Media's Liberal Bias - by Ben Mack

Blips #32 - by Gilles d'Aymery

Your Letters


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