[Marxism] OLD POST (was RE:Morales's firstpost-electionTVinterviewwiththeforeignpress)

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 2 19:35:33 MST 2006

In one of those wonders of the digital age, or perhaps I should say of
the digital age under the Bush regime, a post of mine from a week and a
half ago that I assumed had gone to bit heaven (another wonder of the
digital age) instead made it to the list this afternoon.

As people can see from looking at the headers from the message which I
leave intact below, the message was "Sent: Friday, December 23, 2005
11:42 AM" and was written as part of a specific exchange going on right
then. Since then the discussion around Evo and national movements in
Latin America has moved on. So unless people really, REALLY want to take
up what's raised in my 10-day-old comment in that specific form, I
suggest they just ignore it.


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David writes: "I suppose one could ask why you immediatly defend every
populalists or radicals positions without looking at them first."

My question, not to David, but to list members, is why every time Third
World peoples, and especially in Latin America, find expression in a
national movement does this automatically lead some folks in the
Trotskyist tradition, especially in the imperialist countries, to start
decrying "populism"?


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