[Marxism] Weather Underground

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Jan 2 20:49:08 MST 2006

Philip Ferguson wrote:
> In last couple of days I've been watching (twice) a DVD documentary on
> the Weather Underground.  It shows how nuts they were, but also puts it
> in the perspective of radical white middle class youth being driven nuts
> by the Vietnam War abroad and repression of blacks, especially the
> Panthers and black inmates, at home.

But yet Fred Hampton* spent the last months of his life going from black
high school to black high school, giving a speech the core of which was
why Weatherman politics were wrong.


*For those not up on the '60s. Fred Hampton was Vice-Chairman of the
Illinois Black Panther Party. He and Mark Clark of Peoria were murdered
in their beds by Chicago Police on duty with the Cook County States
Attorney. One could not know Fred without loving him.

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