[Marxism] Re: Weather Underground

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Mon Jan 2 21:41:11 MST 2006

 >And to be sure, direct confrontation in the circumstances-- Vietnam,
Panthers, Chicago 68 , etc, was the best organizing tactic SDS deployed.
 >But direct confrontation with corporate
recruiters, university connections to CIA/Pentagon, etc. was the way to
 >The problem was that none of the Weatherman leadership knew anything
about politics... so it was "year of the heroic guerrilla, youth
culture, thousands of groovy kids with black people in the lead.... year
of the fork (I think I first saw/heard that at the Flint "war council")
... " etc. etc. etc. Says all you need to know when somebody starts
endorsing Charles Manson, no? —rr

What did "direct confrontation" mean for you at Ann Arbor and how  
should it have related to "[knowing] anything about politics"? Just  
how was it "the best organizing tactic" and why was it "the way to go."?

In my opinion "direct confrontation" would be to demonstrate, picket,  
demand equal rights to all the privileges that military and military  
associated businesses, go into the meetings as a phony potential  
employee and talk with them about what they are doing. This worked as  
well as any other tactic in forcing them off the campus, it won  
bystanders over, it put the pressure on the administration regarding  
democracy, etc.

Does your description of "direct confrontation" differ from mine?

Brian Shannon

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