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What we did with direct confrontation was just that-- direct
confrontation.  Best example I can give you (this is 38 years ago, so I
may have forgotten a detail or two):  Dupont came to Uof M to recruit.
Prior to the recruiters arrival, we produced leaflets about Dupont's
role in the occupation of  Wilmington, De. after the murder of MLK;
Dupont's role in defense contracts, etc.  And we promised a splendid
time for all who showed up to greet the recruiter.  And a splendid time
was had by all except the recruiter and the recruitees, as the recruiter
was blockaded behind his table by several hundred people who showed up
and weren't interested  in employment.

We weren't too polite about it either.  Recruiter made a hasty exit.
Sure, we alienated some business students and chemical engineers, but
the overwhelming response was positive, and "greet the recruiter"
actions became much anticipated and attended events.

U of M threatened to bring the police to protect the recruiters and we
said "Go right ahead."  They rethought that position.

This was all done without the "weatherpeople,"  who by that time were
out raising an army of thousands of groovy white kids with black people
at the head.

Re Dohrn and Manson-- she meant it as a joke?  See what I mean about
ignorant?  about "know nothing"?


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