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    Friends Don't Let Friends Commit War Crimes 
    By Cindy Sheehan 

    Monday 02 January 2006 

    "You're like an ambassador for peace," a Spanish journalist told me as
we finished one of the dozens of interviews I gave in Europe. I did this
interview right before I went to meet with the Spanish Deputy Minister for
Foreign Affairs. 

    In reality, I did feel like an ambassador for peace as I traveled around
Europe for 16 days in December. 

    The Mayor of London held a reception in honor of our peace efforts at
the new and very modern City Hall, near the impressive and intimidating
Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Mayor Ken Livingstone has always been
an outspoken critic of the Iraq war and the war crimes of Tweedledum and
Tweedledee ... Bush and Blair ... the corrupt, yet sadly comical,
mis-leaders of two of the most powerful countries on the planet. I believe
Bush and Blair are too far gone for redemption. They both need to be removed
from their power and tried for their war crimes and betrayals. Until they
are removed, the murder and the mayhem will continue. 

    In Ireland, I met with that country's equivalent of Condi Rice, the
dignified Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern. As a matter of fact, he had just
met with the "steely" Condi the week before. Incredibly, he accepted
assurances from her that the CIA airplanes (up to 60 documented by peace
activists) that are landing in Shannon airport are not transporting
prisoners for extraordinary rendition ( i.e., torture). That's like
accepting a pirate's assurance that he's not going to steal your boat as
he's boarding it with a drawn sword! I tried to impress on Mr. Ahern that
the leaders of my government are known pathological liars, and can't be
believed on this or anything. The torture planes are landing on Irish soil,
so Ireland should inspect them for human rights violations. If Condi and her
"husband" George aren't doing anything wrong, they have nothing to be
concerned with. 

    Ireland declined to send troops as part of the Coalition of the Killing,
but they do allow US planes to re-fuel at Shannon airport (Mr. Ahern: We did
it during Vietnam!). I delivered a stack of petitions to Mr. Ahern of 10,000
signatures from pro-peace, anti-killing citizens of Ireland demanding that
their government stop allowing my government to land torture planes and
troop transport planes at Shannon airport. My own son, Casey, went through
Shannon. I urged Mr. Ahern to please make the US refuel their planes
elsewhere. The occupation of Iraq is illegal by most standards and immoral
by all standards. Being accomplices to war crimes makes one culpable for
these war crimes. I can say he listened and I believe he genuinely wants to
do what's right for Ireland. The people of Ireland need to keep the pressure
on their government to act rationally and responsibly in this matter. 

    Scotland is the birth place of impeachment and also the birthplace of
both of my great-grandmas. I met with many Scottish MPs who are very
anti-war and anti-Bush and anti-Blair. They are doing all they can to end
the Scottish involvement in the war. The First Minister wouldn't meet with
me. But my friend, Rose Gentle, has been trying to meet with him since her
son, Gordon, was tragically killed in Iraq. When leaders of countries are
co-conspirators in lies and corruption and don't even have the courage or
integrity to meet with the people whose lives their unpunished felonies have
damaged beyond full repair, that is a scandal. 

    The Spanish government is relatively new and they did bring their troops
home from Iraq after the old government was kicked out in 2004 because the
people of Spain had it with the lies and corruption of their Bushite regime.

    The recurring theme when I met with Spanish government officials,
including the Vice President of Spain, Manuel Marin, and the deputy foreign
minister and heads of some of their parties, was "shared values." We the
peoples of both countries need to find common ground on which to stand. We
urged the Spanish government to loudly denounce what the US is doing because
the US government has no positive, life-affirming values. The US government
has negative, life-ruining values such as the use of WMDs and torture as
means to satisfy its ends of greed for power and mammon. 

    The Spanish officials, like the other government officials we met, told
me and the other Gold Star Families for Peace members and local peace
activists who attended the meetings, that their countries are "great friends
and allies of the USA." 

    We want friends and allies of the American people, but not of the
current regime. The government is not identical with the people, despite
what the right-wing hatemongerers say. Indeed, that is fascist notion. Not
only do we not need to love our government's policies. When they are evil,
we have a patriotic obligation to oppose them with all our strength. When
the Bush administration uses white phosphorous on innocent men, women,
children, and babies, when it uses illegal imprisonment and immoral torture
on fellow members of the human race, when it invades and occupies another
country that is no threat to the USA, we must say No. BushCo is an out of
control entity which needs to be reined in by us! The longer the horror of
Iraq continues, the more war crimes are committed and the more innocent
lives ruined! 

    During my visit to Europe, I was invited to other countries as a peace
emissary. People in Italy and Australia are particularly anxious to have me
visit, because their governments are accomplices to BushCo in Iraq. I will
be speaking to the European Union Parliament twice in 2006 to urge them to
pressure our administration to stop its killing policies in Iraq and try
something new: diplomacy and peace. Heads up, Condi: peace is NOT spread by
killing and war. 

    Although, our visits to the various governmental officials in Europe did
not have an immediate effect, perhaps seeds were planted. The international
peace community is energized and refocused. However, by just meeting with
me, the officials of each country are showing a minor tear in the fabric of
support with the illegitimate residents of the "Casa Blanca." Each little
sign gives hope. 

    As Dermot Ahern told me: "It's going to get back to Washington that I
met with you. They won't be happy. But I don't care. It was the right thing
to do." 


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