[Marxism] British Communists averse to free information

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Tue Jan 3 09:36:11 MST 2006

Lou wrote:
> I just went to the Morning Star website to read an attack by Andrew  
> Murray
> on the prowar 'left' and was amazed to see the following when I  
> clicked on
> a link to the article:
> Already have a Full Site subscription? Click here
> Already have a 1 day subscription? Click here
> The world's only English-language socialist daily newspaper  
> welcomes you to
> our online edition.
> Subscription is time-based and all levels of subscription give you  
> access
> to the site for a fixed period.
> Rates are as follows:
>      * 1 GBP gives you access to the full site for 24 hours BUY!
>      * 30 GBP gives you access to the full site for three months  
> (90 days) BUY!
>      * 40 GBP gives you access to the full site for six months (180  
> days) BUY!
>      * 60 GBP gives you access to the full site for a year (365  
> days) BUY!
> About BT click&buy
> You can pay securely through BT click&buy with credit and debit cards,
> direct debit and even via your BT phone bill.
> Simply click on any of the BUY! Links and open a BT click&buy  
> account to
> pay for your Morning Star Online subscription quickly, simply and  
> securely.
> To set up an online account all you have to do is register your  
> details
> once. From then on, whenever you want to access content, just enter  
> your
> unique username and password. It's that simple.
> If you are outside the UK you can still use BT click&buy and pay by  
> credit
> card. Your credit card company will convert the cost into local  
> currency
> Even if you don't want to sign up this time, there is a free  
> section on the
> main menu to let you know who we are and to give you a flavour of  
> the site.
> We think that the site is worth it so log on and give the Morning  
> Star a try.
> Copyright Morning Star, all rights reserved
> published by the Peoples Press Printing Society
New Left Review does the same with most of its articles:


The majority of articles on the NLR archive are restricted to  
subscribers: in order to read them you will need to either enter your  
subscription reference number below or purchase the article  
individually. If you wish to subscribe—for just £32, $52 or €50— 
please visit our subscriptions page and take advantage of the special  
offer: a free book and back issue.

Purchase for £3</blockquote>

Does this strategy of demanding subscription or individual article  
purchase actually raise much revenues?   I suspect that many of the  
people who read New Left Review have institutional subscription  
through higher education or public libraries, if they don't care to  
subscribe or buy individually.

In contrast, Monthly Review makes its articles available online for  
free.  To be sure, only a small portion of back issues are up on the  
web, but that's mainly because of lack of manpower to scan, copyedit,  
mark them up in HTML, etc.

While MR's end-of-the-year fundraising campaign is already over, you  
can always donate more, so MR can hire people to do the digitization  

Yoshie Furuhashi

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