[Marxism] The SLA and Patty Hearst [was "Weatherpeople"]

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Jan 3 09:44:32 MST 2006

In response to Kathleen de la Peña McCook, I think the work of the
Sybionese Liberation Army may well have "embodied the spirit of the
age," though no9t in the sense she means.

The SLA the was not "a left-wing splinter group" but was actually an FBI
operation from the start.  My impression was that the FBI set up rather
Orwellian style to fish for anybody who might be drawn into gun-toting
activism.  As is usual in such enterprises, it got way out of hand.

Btw, in 1974, the SWP threw our the Internationalist Tendency in 1974 on
the grounds that we had already started our own party around "terrorist"
politics.  Subsequently, the FBI "men in black" were contacting our
landlords, employers, family, etc., claiming that we, as members of "the
Trotskyite Terrorist International" had information as to whereabouts of
Patty Hearst. 


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