[Marxism] Re Weather Underground

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 11:15:52 MST 2006

Response Jim C:
>From The narcissistic, immediate-gratificationist and infantile

pseudo-leftism of the Weather underground and their deadly theatrical
stunts in the

60s, to the relatively insulated and protected market niches of
tenured Marxianism in

academia is no long leap at all; they both serve rather than seriously
challenge the

established order.<

In general I agree with this. But David Gilbert, who is doing very
hard prison time, struck me as a serious Marxist ( as far as I can
recall; I saw this over a year ago) who still writes and tries to do
political work. I believe he has published at least one article in
Monthly Review. I had a passing flirtation with this outfit (like
about 2 weeks!!) and seem to remember Gilbert as the only leading
member with anything worthwhile to say, beyond the sex-drugs-rock and
ruckus actionism of the Dohrn-Ayers bunch. Eric Mann didn't strike me
as totally infantile and he did go on to work in West Coast auto.
Recently, he was a hardcore ABBer in the '04 election.

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