[Marxism] Weather Underground/Jim's Logic

Debordagoria phantasmagorias at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 3 13:24:03 MST 2006

Let's see if I've got this straight. I find Jim C's
arrogant tone  somewhat tiresome, which means I am
probably a "House Marxian," and, somehow, even though
this means I am an elbow-patched, tenured careerist, I
am in many ways equivalent to a violent Weather
Underground radical. Hmm.
Michael D.  

> Response Jim C: I can see how some might not
> appreciate the TONE of my
> missive (particularly sensitive House Marxians who
> see themselves, their
> own self-absorption and their own machinations being
> portrayed in less
> than flattering terms) but I do not see the rhetoric
> as empty. First of
> all, as to their motives, it does not require mental
> telepathy, we have
> their own words, pronoucements (at the time and now
> in retrospect).
> Plus, I got some of it from some of them as I also
> was once in SDS. They
> indeed wanted something visible and immediate that
> they were actually
> doing something revolutionary and had neither the
> patience, inclination,
> aptitude and backgrounds for long-term, patient,
> quiet and focused mass
> work that is less visible and immediate but most
> critical--it is the
> masses not tenured radicals that make history. They,
> like a lot of the
> left from relatively privileged backgrounds and
> raised in a culture of
> "I-want-it-all-and-I-want-it-now", narcissism and
> immediate
> gratification, took to activities that were more
> about them and their
> own narrow interests and proclivities than any
> concrete or seriously
> studied sense of "What is to be Done?" and how--and
> with whom--to do it.
> And I see a lot of the apparent narcissism,
> theatrics, irrelevance,
> sectarianism, legend-in-one's-own-mind-ism and
> narrow agenda of the
> Weather Underground in some of the Marxian academics
> today; they have
> some of the same origins, intentions (from their own
> mouths and
> writings) and objective effects in terms of not
> being really dangerous
> to the system at all.

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