[Marxism] The SLA and Patty Hearst [was "Weatherpeople"]

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for a further elucidation of the SLA saga, you might considder the following link; not for "smoking documents," so much as for "smoking" insight, analysis and discussion:


(from From the Berkeley Barb,  April 19 - 25, 1974)


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>THE SLA was FBI from the start? Hmmm is there any documented evidence  
>for this claim? Any smoking documents/memos/people?
>On Jan 3, 2006, at 9:16 AM, Carrol Cox wrote:
>> Mark Lause wrote:
>>> The SLA the was not "a left-wing splinter group" but was actually  
>>> an FBI
>>> operation from the start.  My impression was that the FBI set up  
>>> rather
>>> Orwellian style to fish for anybody who might be drawn into gun- 
>>> toting
>>> activism.  As is usual in such enterprises, it got way out of hand.
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