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Thank you.  But I think there were exactly those movements to revolution
in the West and not only in the West, but also East.

I, for one,  disagree with Trotsky's assessment about war and
revolution; specifically like a general preparing to fight the last
battle, Trotsky was examining the approach of  WW2 through the lens of
WW 1.  The critical difference however was that WW 2 was pre-figured,
pre-determined by the physical defeat of workers in Germany, France,
Spain, IndoChina, etc.   That defeat "flipped the script" on war and
revolution;  the linkage gets reconfigured as counter-revolution and

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> > Of course, if you had had a mass movement of workers toward
Communism in the
> West, it would have made little difference what Stalin wanted.  But,
> didn't' whatever western workers wanted, it was not revolution.
Which is
> partly why you had Socialism in One Country to begin with.   I am
> of Trotsky's remark that, if the approaching world war did not
precipitate a
> revolution, one would have to look at the "congenital" inability of
> working class to become a ruling one.
> Good point, though, rr.
> Louis Godena

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