[Marxism] FWD: Another Chavez or another Lula?

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Wed Jan 4 04:54:04 MST 2006

Walter, you are right, I'm jumping in early. What can I say? This is not the
first report of Evo's politics...he doesn't jump out of an airplane by
parachute unannounced on the scene. He has a history to his politics. But what
you've posted AND what I've posted is *totally consistant* with his politics.
What I read in the from Bolivia (among many others) as *opposed* to the reports
Prensa Latina make me question Evo and what he wants...you have to admit it's
somewhat contridictory. Am the only one Walter? No, the leading unions in
Boliva "gave him 90 days". Yeah, that's right 90 DAYS to get things going.
Obviously Walter THEIR relationship is to Evo is different than...yours and
mine. Do you suppose they have a reason to be suspicious? In fact, let me turn
this around on you: why do YOU, Walter, from L.A., question the mass
organizations of the Bolivian people? Where do you get off saying the COB and
the COR and the minerss *are wrong*?????
The comparison is bad between Evo and Fidel, between Bolivia and Cuba. The main
difference is that Fidel lead a revolution, shooting his way into Havana on
January 1st. Evo is a politician (something Fidel broke with when he launched
his armed struggle) that has played both sides agaisnt the middle in the past.
They are *different* and they have different programs for their countries
(Evo's is capitalist, with social clauses, etc./Fidel's is communism).

Depending who Evo bends too, he could be another Chavez...or he could be another
Lula. That's why I poised the question in the subject line along these lines.
But he won't be another Chavez if everybody is too scared or to much of a camp
follower to *question* everything he does...*everything*. Surely eveyone in
Latin America is doing this. I know everyone in Bolivia is: just read the left
press there.

IF..."if" Evo is bending toward preserving what makes the Oligarchy the
Oligarchy, then I don't have to say much, the workers and peasansts will speak
on this. The same if he goes in the direction of *revolution*. But I don't have
to be diplomatic, I'm not in office, I'm not a diplomat. Maybe you are training
to be one. I want to see solidarity with the struggle of the Bolivian working
class. That may include Evo and his MAS...or it may not. I just don't start
FROM Evo. You do, unfortunatly.

David Walters
San Francisco, California

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