[Marxism] FWD: Another Chavez or another Lula?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 4 06:15:36 MST 2006

Walter wrote:
>Ready immediately to launch into a denunciation of Evo Morales and
>his as-yet uninstalled administration, follows completely in the same
>tired old tradition which lead the Socialist Workers Party of the US
>to declare, over a year after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution,
>and just months before the abolition of capitlism there, that "the
>main danger to the Cuban Revolution is in its own leadership."

This is not a question of timing but of politics. Thabo Mbeki has been 
president of South Africa for a number of years now and running it like a 
conventional politician. When this was pointed out on the list, Walter 
behaved like we were some kind of Spartacist League lynch mob. This is 
getting very tiresome. I wish that Walter would learn to approach this list 
in a more rounded fashion. His main purpose here seems to be to defend a 
radical version of "my country right or wrong" that the CPUSA perfected in 
the 1930s and that the Workers World Party reshaped for its own needs in 
the 1950s. If a WWP'er or a CP'er wrote 5 posts a week to the list 
defending this line, they would have been removed long ago for not 
understanding what the list is about. This is not a Cyberduma. I cut Walter 
some slack because he does not belong to a party (but seems some days like 
a party of one), but he really should learn to be less one-dimensional.



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