[Marxism] Re: [CubaNews] Latin America's Two Left Wings Jan. 9, 2006 issue

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Tue Jan 3 20:07:13 MST 2006

Castañeda is at his slimy and manipulative best, or worst, in this piece.  He 
understands that effective propaganda statements, when they are basically 
untrue, need a surface text and a subtext that carries the real message.  His 
surface text seems to be saying that the old left anchored in Marxism is the one 
with integrity, especially since it has learned from the mistakes of the USSR 
"and Cuba", and that you must be chary of people like Chavez.   His subtext 
message is not just against people like Chavez who come from more populist or 
nationalist roots, but also against the other  (Marxist) left, the one he bailed 
out from when he found it was an impediment to his political career.  Reading 
this, I do believe the fellow thinks he can maneuver himself into the 
presidency of Mexico by pointing out the very real problems with people like Lopez 
Obrador, and presenting himself as the real deal while he pulls stunts like his 
support for Fox in the 2000 elections.   Hope he can't, though.  I would 
prefer to see an ex-PRIISTA who has moved to the left in that presidency than a 
former communist who has moved steadily to the right in all practical things.
Emile Schepers   

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