[Marxism] The Surrender of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq to the Kurdish Nationalism

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Raising the White Flag, and the Surrender of Ribwar Ahmad and the Worker 
Communist Party of Iraq, is incapable of Taming the Protesting Movement of 
the People of Kurdistan!!

On October 20th 2005, Ribwar Ahmed, the leader of the Worker Communist Party 
of Iraq – WCPI published “an open letter to the public” about the ending of 
political conflict between the WCPI and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan - 
PUK and declared one-sidedly "the ending of convulsing atmospheres and 
political conflicts". According to his letter this is to "purify the 
political atmospheres of the society in Kurdistan”.

Ribwar Ahmed and the Worker Communist Party of Iraq’s declaration was made 
while Kurdish nationalism, a part of the dark scenario and one of the main 
allies of the US in Iraq, had managed to reinforce its positions in power, 
not only in Kurdistan but in the whole of Iraq. That party and in order to 
pass its rightist policies aiming at reaching to power through diplomacy and 
other political from-the-top bargaining, is in need to improve the 
atmospheres and to strike an agreement with that nationalist force. For that 
reason, Ribwar Ahmed's declaration to the public is akin to a congratulatory 
message to the PUK for the victory of the Kurdish nationalism and Jalal 
Al-Talabani. Through this declaration they have cut the last thread tying 
them to the leftist and the communist movement.

1.      The political conflict between worker communism and the Kurdish 
nationalism springs from the conflict between social and political movements 
and between two different alternatives to the society. This conflict has 
been continuing since worker communism has put its feet in the political 
arena during the councilor movement of March 1991 up to this day. Since, the 
enmity to nationalism has been a significant aspect that identifies our 
movement, that party has therefore thrown a history of 15 years of struggle 
behind its back. If an individual or a party wanted an end to a conflict, he 
is free to do so, but it also means that he has said farewell to worker 
communism and chosen another position and worn a different outfit.
2.      “The presence of WCPI has ended in Kurdistan", therefore they can 
not appoint themselves owners of the protest of the people in Kurdistan, 
hence, bringing this issue as a bouquet of flowers to the negotiations 
table. The immediate demanding movement of the people of Kurdistan in the 
face of Kurdish nationalism has crystallized, in spite of Ribwar Ahmed and 
the WCPI’s will. In addition, they are unable to displace this movement from 
the political confrontations.
3.      The repressive policy of the Kurdish nationalism is part and parcel 
of the Kurdish nationalist parties’ identity, shooting, genocide against 
demonstrators and mass protests, have nothing to do with Ribwar Ahmed and 
the WCPI, so that Ribwar Ahmed would go to the negotiations table with such 
claims and carries out “the purification of atmosphere”. An agreement like 
this can not end the repressive policy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 
and is incapable of taming mass protests in the face of these parties and 
its authority.
4.      Ribwar Ahmad and the WCPI are not in a state of war and there is no 
erupting war between them so that they declare a one-sided seize-fire. What 
they call “an end to convulsion and confrontations” means, in reality, 
nothing but the putting down of the protests of workers, women, and youth as 
well as the general protests by the people, as these protests have developed 
outside the will of WCPI which is also incapable of curtailing them. The 
only thing they could do is to strengthen the lever of the nationalist 
movement for a short period of time.
5.       This letter of “the partner of sorrow”* for Ribwar Ahmad has been 
sent to the PUK at the time where the people’s objections in Kurdistan 
against the rotten and suppressive authorities of the nationalist prevailing 
powers are widely spreading.  The people of Kurdistan has boycotted 
elections and turned their backs to the ballot boxes, therefore, these 
authorities are in need of a power which until recently was positioning 
itself in the people’s trenches, in order to deceive the people to return 
under the wing of the Kurdish nationalism. Ribwar Ahmad has vowed himself to 
do this task and alludes that he is capable of delivering it and to purify 
the atmospheres off “the convulsions and political confrontations”.

Freedom-loving people of Kurdistan!
Activists of the Councilor Movement, and Leaders of the Labor Movement, 
Youth, and Women!

The message of Ribwar Ahmed and the WCPI is a message of bargaining with one 
of the powers that has always suppressed you; the Patriotic Union of 
Kurdistan. At the same time it is a political trading in your destinies and 
struggles that continued for two decades. This policy is rightist and 
hostile to worker communism. Do not allow this method which seeks to cut 
deals with the bourgeoisie in order to be in power at any cost, to 
materialize at your name.

Our party, the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq has lifted the real flag 
of worker communism and is at the fore front of your struggles and protests. 
It exposes this bargain, and works for leading the daily people’s struggles, 
and to link these struggles with the establishment of a better, socialist 
world, and calls upon you to join and making it the instrument of your 

Long Live Socialism!
Long Live Worker Communism!

The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI


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