[Marxism] corporate takeover artist Wilbur Ross killed the 12 miners

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 4 10:00:27 MST 2006

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Thomas Seay writes:

 > I am surprised there has been no discussion of this
 > accident on this board.
 > Anybody got links to good articles on it or about the
 > attempts to unionize the mine

The mine is run by the International Coal Group, which is controlled by
Wilbur Ross. Ross is the same guy who put together the International Steel
Group and bought Bethlehem, LTV, and Weirton Steel; extracted prodigious
concessions from the Steelworkers including cuts in retiree health benefits;
dumped the pension liabilities on the PBGC; and then sold the company for
$4.5 billion to Lakshmi Mittal. He's now doing the same in coal. Details


Most of the mines owned by International Coal are non-union, including this
one. I find it especially endearing that they're saying that International
Coal was "improving" the safety performance of the mine as compared to Aker,
the bankrupt operator that they bought out this past November. Why the mine
was still in operation at all when it had so many outstanding safety
violations is a question that Wilbur Ross and/or George Bush's Mine Safety
and Health Administration ought to be forced to answer -- but likely never
will. I'll answer it for them, though: because it was profitable for a lot
of people who didn't have to go underground to die. It turns out that the
class struggle is very much alive, doesn't it?

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