[Marxism] American Indian money diverted into Israel sniper school!

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Wed Jan 4 13:42:00 MST 2006

Meanwhile, Abramoff and Scanlon collected millions of dollars from a 
Louisiana tribe to oppose all gaming in the Texas Legislature. During
2004 Senate Indian Affair Committee hearings, emails were made public in

which Abramoff referred to tribal members as "trogdolytes" and "morons".
one email released by the Senate committee, Abramoff wrote to Scanlon,
have to meet with the monkeys from the Choctaw tribal counsel." Former 
Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell was the chair of the Senate Indian
Committee in 2004 when it took up investigating Abramoff. He was also
first Native American Senator in more than 60 years. Campbell wrote in a

statement at the time, "It is a story of greed run amuck. It is a story
two already powerful, wealthy men lining their own pockets with the 
hard-earned money of people whom they held in contempt and disregard."

Response Jim C:
The proper term for many, or even most of these IRA (Indian
Reorganization Act)
Or BIA/DIA "Indians" is "Vichy Indians"; they play the same role as the
Vichy Government set up by German Nazi occupiers in France. Most of
these tribal councils,
even with casinos, are deeply in the red and of course it is the
Indians who pay the price while these traitors travel to conferences in
Sweden, staying in 
5-star hotels and ordering $200 breakfasts, dropping $500 in massage
parlors and
Spending $3000 per month on phone sex on cell-phone accounts paid for by

I did some work, some quiet and some open on the "microeconomics of
Casinos". From my work, and it has been supported by work of others, we
That for the typical "Indian" casino, out of ever gross profit dollar
A) about $0.51 goes to "principal investors" (all non-Indian) leaving:
B) $0.49 out of which about $0.31 goes for "consultants, taxes,
licensing etc) leaving: 
C) $0.18 out of which about $0.05 goes for BIA "Administrative fees"
D) $0.13 out of which about $0.05 is skimmed off by Vichy traitors
E) $0.08 for programs (dominated by insiders and their relations) and or
"per capita" disbursements.

With the casinos come Indian and non-Indian mafia types, corruption,
Cultrual defilement etc.

Genocide has many masks and many overt/covert machinations. Do any on
the left in the U.S.
and Canada, who can wax esoteric about Palestine, East timor, Cuba,
Venezuela etc, have anything 
to say about genocide going on right under their noses and in which they
are also complicit
through their silence and sometimes as occupiers on stolen lands? When
will the genocide
in North America and elsewhere be as interesting for analysis and
discussion as say East Timor
Or LGBT politics or whales or other places/issues elsewhere?

>From my speech "Marxism and Indigenous Struggles at the Sacramento
Marxist School:

Because when you study Indian country especially among people who have
not been radicalized yet, let me tell you, it's raw. If you want to
learn about raw, naked capitalism without the veneer, come to Indian
country. You'll see it in your face. But the problem is getting there.
But another problem we have, and we have it among Indian and non-Indian
activists, is speaking the language that people can understand. I don't
mean talking down, I mean talking straight. 
If I go to a reservation and start talking about the labor theory of
value, people will sit there and say, "What?" "Well, you know, it's the
difference between the wage rate and the value of labor. And it's
divided between financial, industrial and landed capital." "What?"
But I can show them the mills. We can get on down to where surplus value
is generated and appropriated in very visible ways. And one of the
problems of the left in my opinion is - and we've got the same problem,
we often only talk amongst ourselves - just like the left often talks
amongst itself. Writing on the same nets: "Oh that was brilliant!"
"Trotsky said this! Stalin said that!"
Well, what do we do with it? How does it help us to change the world,
build unity, bring people together, if I'm just sitting there waxing
eloquent about the price transformation problem in Volume II of Das
And so part of the problem we've got is that we've only been talking
amongst ourselves. Most of the Indian activists I know have written off
a lot of the non-Indians and say, "Well, screw these people. We're dying
and they're running around talking about East Timor. Wonderful! When
they get around to America, have them give us a call. We'll bring them
in and educate them." 
Meanwhile they seem to be so interested in foreign genocide, but it's
going on right in front of them. And not only Indians - for African
Americans, the same thing. 
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