[Marxism] Forwarded from Myles Sullivan

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 5 07:34:42 MST 2006

(Myles, you have to use plain-text)

   The Israeli establishment is portraying the strokes suffered by Sharon 
as a serious impediment to the peace process.  So the removal of a mass 
urderer and racist from the political scene is an impediment to the peace 
process, a process which is actuallly an ethnic cleansing program.  Every 
political occurence is framed as an impediment or delay to the peace 
process-except of course for the death of Arafat, posited as a resurgence 
of hope and an eruption of good fortune into history.
   Mass murderers on the israeli side are champions of peace who happen to 
be colonising the Palestinians.  Palestinians who resist this are 
terrroists.  The violence of one side is holy and politically sanctioned, 
the other side's violence is evidence of the bio and cultural deterministic 
fascism inherent to Arabs and their evil, freedom-hating supplement: Islam.
   Many news sources, BBC World News in particular, have been making 
statements implying that Arabs (generalized here) hate Sharon and are 
looking forward to his death.  No context is provided for this hatred, 
instead we are given platitudes that Sharon is a man of moderation and 
peace and any hatred for that man is purely pathological and 
irrational.  The Arabic media is chided for its attentiveness to "up to the 
date" details of Sharon's failing health-as if the anglo and Jewish world 
is not doing the same?  Has the world already fogotten the western media's 
salivating over the potentiality of Arafat's death as he lay failing in a 
   Sharon is an angel, Arafat is a devil.  You are either with us, or your 
with the terrorists.



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