[Marxism] Another Chavez or another Lula?

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In the spirit of restraint...

Exactly when did questioning, critical analysis of steps taken and not,
statements made to business and industry groups, become denunciation?

"We," whoever we are, are offering and requesting only actual, concrete
analysis of the conditions in Bolivia and what the resolution of those
condititons, contradictions, conflicts will require.

"We" are not making an evaluation of Morales's intentions, good, bad or

Is Bolivia in a revolutionary situation?

Is that situation based on economic contradictions?

Can those contradictions be resolved within a framework of "national"
"popular"  regulated, mitigated, "restrained" capitalism?

If no is the answer to the previous question, then what are the steps
that must be taken by either of the major contending classes to resolve
the contradictions?

If others, as opposed to the "we," think the contradictions and
conflicts can be resolved within the framework of restrained capitalism,
or peoples "national" capitalism, or  a "third world" equivalent of
social democracy... then we need to see how that framework, that
equivalent is actually made manifest-- what steps are to be taken, what
class will take them, and what institutions of that class are required
to enforce the steps.

"We" know that the workers' organizations, those organizations that led
the struggles against privatization, against Bechtel etc. have demanded
a Constituent Assembly, and the nationalization of the petroleum sector.
"We" support that.  Do those, more pro-Morales than we, support that?


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