[Marxism] Another Chavez or another Lula?

Mehmet Cagatay mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 5 08:38:56 MST 2006

Mr. Rubinelli wrote:

"We," whoever we are, are offering and requesting only actual, concrete
analysis of the conditions in Bolivia and what the resolution of those
condititons, contradictions, conflicts will require."

So the our main questions are not "Whither Marxism?" or "Whither
Bolivia?", "Whither Turkey?" etc. But first of all we have to understand
the objective development to grasp the subjective future. Thus, it would
be a total tirade for me to make a quick judgement about Morales and the
future of Bolivians on whom I am lacking a proper knowledge. 

But Mr. Rubinelli, I suppose Mr. Lippman did not accuse you Bolivians
about making early judgements on Morales, but rather the non-Bolivians who
daydream a victorious revolution or denounce Morales as a capitalist in
essential, without a contact to the conditions of Bolivia.

Lenin on objective development:

"How may a designer of subjective plans "belittle" objective development?
Obviously by losing sight of the fact that this objective development
creates or strengthens,  destroys or weakens certain classes, strata, or
groups, certain nations or groups of nations, etc., and in this way serves
to determine a given international political alignment of forces, or the
position adopted by revolutionary parties, etc. If the designer of plans
did that, his guilt would not be that he belittled the spontaneous
element, but, on the contrary, that he belittled the conscious element,
for he would then show that he lacked the "consciousness" properly to
understand objective development." V.I. Lenin (What Is To Be Done; The
Self-Emancipation Group and Rabocheye Dyelo)

Mehmet Çagatay

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