[Marxism] Marshall Berman "Adventures in Marxism"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 5 13:46:22 MST 2006

>I was infront of my computer at the office, the accounting department of a
>firm, when I began to read the passage called "Estranged Labour". My
>excitement was so huge that i looked forward to get out of the office to
>share it with someone.
>Mehmet Çagatay

Mehmet, you must have been referring to these words in particular:

"...the worker feels himself only when he is not working; when he is 
working, he does not feel himself. He is at home when he is not working, 
and not at home when he is working."

Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844

The funny thing is that the first time I ran across them was not in Marx, 
but as epitaph to one of the chapters in John Fowles's "French Lieutenant's 
Daughter". Fowles died a month or so ago. I was so struck by these words 
that I typed them out (this was back in 1971!) and tacked them to my 
cubicle wall in the First National Bank of Boston. Around the same time, 
somebody (but incredibly not me) had the brilliant idea of writing 
something like "the corporate world destroys our soul" on a blackboard in 
the cafeteria used for presentations. But underneath these words he or she 
wrote "DO NOT ERASE", which the janitorial crew had become accustomed to 
respecting no matter the content of the words! After 2 days, a top 
executive finally came down and erased them.



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