[Marxism] Re: Another Chavez or another Lula

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Jan 5 14:31:19 MST 2006

Fred Feldman wrote:
> Why is this thread continuing?  

Yes, my question from the beginning. Even if Morales turns out to be a
Menem, his critics on this are already wrong -- they are substituting
mere speculation about a foreign struggle for concrete consideration of
OUR tasks, HERE, in the U.s. In the past it seems to me that Walter
Lippman has done something similar: he has substituted an abstract
(verbal) defense of Cuban foreign policy for our concrete task of
building a left movement in the U.S. But at his worst, Walter is only a
nuisance, not an aggressive barrier to useful political discussion. One
can only speculate that these premature critics of Morales, having
nothing useful to do themselves in their own locations, have substituted
such speculation for the absence of political practice here.

> This kind of speculation when Morales
> has hardly spent a week in office becomes truly bizarre as it drags on.
> I know I have said all I have to say at this point.  I await the
> judgement of the facts,

"Bizarre" is almost too kind a description.

Does anyone on this list have some proposals, even speculative ones, on
what the scattered marxists in the u.s. might do to move forward the
struggle here.

This way of putting it implies the belief that it is unattached
marxists, not members of 'organized' grouplets, who have most to
contribute to the growth of a more coherent left in the u.s.


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