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dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Thu Jan 5 16:57:41 MST 2006

 I only wanted to write here to say "thank you". At least you addressed,
essentially, the main points I was addressing, honestly, and too the point.

A "ps" of sorts...the leadership of the COB, as it's members, and 80% of El
Alto, are all "indigenous" (and 99% of the miners). Notwithstanding the actual
indigenous issues you mentioned (and Evo's election, in part, because of it),
there also is a 'phony' aspect of "indigenousismo" that has only recently been
used to try to divide the overwhelmingly indigenous working class, often over
'langauge', since not all indigenous workers speak indigenous languages. It is
often purveyed by middle-class NGO types funded by 'multi-cultural' NGOs from
Europe and does not stem from indigenous workers or peasants themselves. I
don't think the MAS itself caters to this form of "indigenousismo" but this
current does intervene into politics there. It is an interesting, but perhaps
seperate thread we could take up (and, I have to read more on it and speak to
people who are there to brush up on it).


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